Our company is an authorized distributor of 

Metal Impact, LLC

We can supply our medical industry clients with aluminum cylinders for home oxygen therapy, emergency medical services, pre-hospital care and hospitals, nursing home and other medical institutions.

There are many advantages with our products:

  • Superior aluminum extrusion process
  • Lowest cost solutions
  • Metal Impact is certified and conforms to ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • Metal Impact has its own on site quality control lab. 
  • Inspection and process information, lot tracking, production records, and part drawings are all available on line throughout our entire facility.
Medical Aluminum Cylinders

Metal Impact proudly produces all its products in the U.S.A., employing over two hundred American citizens in their two major plants in Illinois and Mississippi.

We can supply aluminum tanks for industrial use, as well as for sports and other uses.

Industrial Gas Cylinders
Scuba Oxygen Tanks

The video below illustrates the Metal Impact Mississippi production plant with its fascinating metal impact extrusion process.

The photos below present a view of the giant machinery used in the metal impact extrusion process.

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