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KellyUnion Electronics, Co. Ltd.

KellyUnion electronics Co.Ltd, established in May 2005 is a specialized manufacturer and marketer of the test meters and analytic instruments.  Currently, the company mainly devotes itself to digital thermometer  and   water quality detection, which are applicable to the fields of medical instruments, environmental protection, chemical fiber, farming, school scientific research, energy, transportation, aviation, household appliances…

No contact infrared thermometer
Ear infrared thermometer
Ear & forehead infrared thermometer
Mesh Nebulizer
Wrist Blood Pressure Meter
Compressor nebulizer
Arm Blood Pressure Meter
TDS Meter
PH Meter
Jumbo Digital Thermometer
Nippler Thermometer
Cartoon Digital Thermometers
Baby Bath Thermometer
Digital Thermometers

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