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Cirro Medical Systems

Cirro Medical Systems, LLC is an experienced marketer and distributor of medical equipment and supplies in the Americas. Headquartered in Miami and with extended offices in Mexico and a vast distributor network, Cirro offers a best in class range of products for operating room infrastructure and integration, ICU and hospitalization rooms and for day to day operations. Given its strong supply chain, advantageous pricing structure and ability to provide immediate response to customer needs, Cirro has become a preferred hospital provider throughout the region.

Products are assembled in their Miami, Florida Plant with American workers.

 Operamed  - TrueSpace

Pre-fabricated Modular Solution


TrueSpace – Pre-fabricated modular Solution
A very effective modular building method especially for most diverse and complex hospital construction projects using material which meets highest hygienic standards . 

Project Planning & Designing
Operamed engages itself actively in the design and planning process, together with architects, planners, engineers and medical experts, in order to achieve an optimal environment which ensures best workflow processes and working conditions in hospitals.



Power doesn’t need space!


Videomed introduces a new jewel for OR integration systems. Truelink 4. Four key points makes this system a revolution in terms of flexibility and technical capabilities: the most compact and powerful OR integration system ever made.

Truelink 4 combines advanced solutions in OR videomanagement with innovative features to improve surgical team ergonomics and patient’s safety.

The 5.25-inch height unit makes this the only system truly compatible for installations outside and inside the operating room. The unit can be easily placed on a boom shelf without the need for external cabling and complex spaces.

Medical Grade Displays

The rise of digital imaging technology has drastically changed the way that patient data is used and distributed within healthcare environments.


FSN Medical Technologies Medical grade displays are engineered and built for compatibility with other highly specialized surgical and diagnostic equipment.


The Linden Group Corp. has used its partnership with its panel and component manufacturers to design a line of monitors that meets or exceeds the highest standards for medical applications.



Fluid is a unique medical image navigation system designed for touchless interaction


Fluid is efficient allowing surgeons to access medical images, acquired before or during surgery, autonomously and keeping their equipment sterile… up to 10X faster than voice-controlling a surgical assistant!

It works by positioning a motion sensor on top of the screen.  Hand gestures are sensed and transformed into control commands for the system.

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