Our company is an authorized distributor of 

Tomato M&C Co. Ltd.

Tomato M&C, is a leading orthopedic products manufacturer and exporter in South Korea.  It specializes in synthetic orthopedic casting and splint tape which are fiberglass or polyester fabric coated with water-activated polyurethane resin.

Tomato’s cast and splint products are CE,ISO 9001 & FDA approved.  The company has acquired an excellent reputation 
for superb quality and competitive price from our customers, not only locally, but also 

Tomato cast and splint products are moisture resistant, lightweight, strong, porous, x-ray translucent, durable and they are removed easily. They have have excellent mouldability and flexibility, as well as being 
laminated for patient comfort; they are easy and simple to use.

The videos below illustrate the practicality in the use of these products.

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