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Soap ‘n Easy (Laboratorios Diral, S.R.L.)

Soap & Easy is a virgin polyester wipe embedded with non-irritant soap, which thanks to its formulation and the absence of lanoline, is apt even for the most sensitive skins and, above all, makes it unnecessary to rinse.

It is a world wide innovative product for personal hygiene.  We supply the most prestigious medical institutions and homes for the elderly in Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, USA & Venezuela. 

Our processes are ISO 9000 certified, becoming the first and only laboratory in our category to do so. Our contribution to the quality of life, supported by international regulations, enables us to  offer the best product in this category.  It is FDA approved in the U.S.

Step 1 – Wet cloth with little water.

Step 2 – Clean the body with soapy cloth.

Step 3 – Dry the body with towel.  NO RINSING REQUIRED!


Soap & Easy is a worldwide innovative product for personal hygiene. It outstands for its simplicity, quality and ease of use. It is a soap embedded soft wipe that cleans, softens and sanitizes the skin without rinsing.


Soap & Easy is three times faster and easier to use than any other method known for patients hygiene. At the moment of disposing of it, it weighs 15% less than any other form of cleaning (dressings, gloves and others).  Using only ½ cup of liquid, it avoids leaking of water on linen and mattresses, which reduces operational costs.


It cleans and sanitizes simultaneously. It is safe and easy to use on babies, children, adults and patients in general. It is easy to handle, light and disposable. It may be storaged in any place, for long periods of time. It contains soft soap, which does not irritate, even the most sensitive skin. It replaces the combined use of dressings, sponges, antiseptic solutions and other well known methods of hygiene.


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