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Hynaut Pharma Group is a manufacturer and distributor of medical disposables. We manufacture hundreds of products, for daily use in hospitals, companies, schools and for home use.

We have been manufacturing top quality daily use household items and medical supplies since 2004. We constantly improve our product’s quality and expand our product line in order to serve the needs and desires of our ever-growing customer base.

Our customers are wholesalers, distributors, and OEM partners. We warmly welcome you to try our products and become part of our family.

Disposable hot/cold patch
Alcohol and BHA Wipes
Cotton Balls
Sterile Cotton Swabs
Iodine tip Swabs
Children Anti-Fever Patch
Designer Bandages
Wound Dressing
Gauze Rolls
Adhesive Bandages
Sterile Infusion Set
Elastic Bandages
Thin Cotton Tape
Cotton Med Tape
PE Med Tape

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